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What are the quality standards for aged care facilities in Melbourne?

The Australian Government has eight quality standards for aged care facilities in Melbourne. These standards are designed to ensure that residents receive safe, high-quality care and services.


The eight quality standards are:


  1. Resident dignity and choice: Residents must be treated with dignity and respect, and their choices must be supported.
  2. Ongoing assessment and planning: Residents’ needs, goals, and preferences must be assessed and planned for on an ongoing basis.
  3. Personal care and clinical care: Residents must receive safe and effective personal and clinical care, tailored to their individual needs.
  4. Services and supports for daily living: Residents must have access to the services and support they need to live their daily lives, including meals, accommodation, and transportation.
  5. Safety and quality of care: Residents must be safe and receive high-quality care.
  6. Workforce governance: Facilities must have a workforce that is skilled, qualified, and sufficient to deliver safe and high-quality care.
  7. Organizational governance: Facilities must have sound governance arrangements in place.
  8. Feedback and complaints: Facilities must have a system in place for receiving and responding to feedback and complaints from residents and their families.

Aged care facilities in Melbourne are required to comply with these quality standards. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the quality standards.


If you are considering an aged care facility for yourself or a loved one, it is important to understand the quality standards and to make sure that the facility you choose complies with the standards. You can find more information about the quality standards on the ACQSC website.


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