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BNA's Cleaners / Environmental Services

  • Cleaners have a crucial role in maintaining a clean and safe environment for aged care residents.
  • Their responsibilities include cleaning and sanitizing residents’ rooms, common areas, and other facilities.
  • Cleaners may also handle laundry services, waste disposal, and general housekeeping duties.
  • Their aim is to ensure a hygienic and pleasant living environment for the elderly residents.
  • Our cleaning staff is trained and experienced in maintaining the highest standards of cleaning and infection prevention and control.
  • They possess a deep understanding of hygiene protocols to create a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff in our aged care facility.

BNA’s environmental services and general cleaning procedures encompass the utilization of a range of cleaning solutions in liquid form and various cleaning equipment. These tools include mops, vacuum cleaners, dusters, cleaner’s trolleys, and small cloths employed for the purpose of wiping and cleaning various areas throughout the facility. This cleaning extends to walkways, reception areas, nurse’s stations, offices, tea rooms, and various other rooms within the facilities.

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