Food Service Attendant
In the role of a Food Services Assistant, you’ll collaborate with a team dedicated to offering dining services to our residents. Your responsibilities will include carrying out simple food prep tasks, assembling straightforward meals with guidance, maintaining cleanliness of food prep areas, kitchen tools, and dining spaces, as well as distributing and serving the meals prepared.

BNA For Food Service Attendant

  • BNA offers experienced Food Service Attendants for aged care facilities.
  • Attendants assist with meal prep, serving, and clean-up.
  • They ensure timely, hygienic meal delivery to residents.
  • Attendants cater to individual dietary needs and special meal requests.
  • Responsibilities may include inventory management and kitchen organization.
  • BNA’s Food Service Attendants are trained in IDDSI standards.
  • They maintain safety for residents requiring texture-modified foods and thickened fluids.

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