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How Can I Stay Involved in the Life of a Loved One Who Is Living in an Aged Care Facility?

When a loved one moves into an aged care facility, maintaining a close connection can feel challenging but it’s crucial for their emotional well-being and yours. This blog explores practical ways to stay involved in their lives, ensuring they feel cared for and connected.


Frequent Visits

Regular visits are the most straightforward way to stay involved. Schedule your visits at times that suit your loved one’s routine, and engage in activities they enjoy. Whether it’s a quiet chat or a shared meal, these moments are precious.


Utilize Technology
Technology can bridge the gap on days you can’t visit. Many aged care facilities in Australia are equipped with Wi-Fi, making video calls possible. Teach your loved one how to use simple apps on tablets or smartphones to keep the communication lines open.

Participate in Facility Activities
Join in special events or activities organized by the facility. Whether it’s a musical performance, a game, or a craft session, participating alongside your loved one makes these events more enjoyable and memorable for them.


Personalized Care Packages
Sending personalized care packages can brighten your loved one’s day. Include items like their favourite snacks, books, or a small personal item. This shows you’re thinking of them and brings a piece of home to their new environment.


Staying involved in the life of a loved one in an aged care facility is crucial for their happiness and health. By visiting regularly, using technology, participating in activities, and sending care packages, you can maintain a strong, supportive connection.